Teri Youmans Grimm



Becoming Lyla Dore

“Lyla Dore, the fictional silent film star of Teri Grimm’s new collection, is a remarkable creation. A figure of bittersweet glamour and sardonic self-awareness, Lyla has something of the wit and indomitability we see in Louise Brook’s classic memoir, Lulu in Hollywood. Above all, Grimm reminds us that the vocabulary of the silent film and the vocabulary of the lyric poem—both are told in images, after all—are virtually one and the same. Grimm’s love of those old films is palpable, and her skill with the lyric is formidable. Becoming Lyla Dore is a very fine collection indeed.”


—David Wojahn

Dirt Eaters

“Teri Youmans Grimm’s first collection of poetry is a marvelous beginning. She is a clear-eyed, bemused observer of her kinfolk. There is tenderness here, too. These poems will make you wish that all families, even those that don’t deserve it, had such a wise, compassionate chronicler.”


—Judith Hemschemeyer


Homegrown in Florida

“Sparkles with all the colors of our childhood, like the Florida sun setting over the Gulf. A surprising cross-section of thirty-four talented writers, poets, politicians, and entertainers transport us to a state where anything was possible, where memories take on a life of their own and have lasting consequences.”


—Victor DiGenti, author


The Untidy Season

A selection of poetry by nearly 90 native-born or transplanted Nebraska writers who write and live fearlessly. Their topics range from the beginnings of life to the end—family relationships, loss, misunderstandings, work, trust, betrayal, love and hate, bereavement. Through those lives these poems emerged, an indelible record of the triumph of the human spirit.


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